Anthony Torres, Obliteration Supervisor
(aka Operations Manager – Dallas)

Anthony Torres oversees routing and safety compliance for Balcones Shred technicians in Dallas. After four and a half years with the company, Anthony says every operational priority leads back to security. For him, secure document destruction is a business and a passion.

What was your childhood nickname?


What is your all-time favorite item to see shredded and why?

I enjoy seeing credit cards get shredded because they pop up like a deck of cards and then fall back down into the shredder. The on-site units allow you to watch it via camera.

What’s your favorite internal game or competition to play in your head while out on a route?

Finding the customer locations. I like to beat our software that we have that gives you the best timesaving route to get there while saving fuel. I consider it to be a video game. I’m faster and more efficient than the computer. I know all the back roads, and I can save the company money. When I was in my early twenties, I use to explore new areas to see where one street would lead you. It has really paid off for Balcones Shred.

What celebrity would you most like to meet and why?

I would like to meet Robert Rodriquez because I’d like to be in one of his movies, and he’s a great native Texan screenwriter.

What’s the best bumper sticker you’ve ever seen?

“Don’t follow the moon, follow the Son.”

What grocery item do you always buy but never eat before it goes bad or expires?


Outside of the Balcones Shred team, whom do you most enjoy spending time with?

I love spending time with my wife and our two kids. I have a 12-year-old son and an eight year-old daughter.

Where do you go to get away from it all?

I go to my aunt and uncle’s ranch out in Glen Rose. It’s away from the city where I can do everything from hiking to riding my mountain bike and playing basketball.

What show or book series are you addicted to?

I can’t get enough of House of Payne; I even watch all the reruns. I’m hooked on it, it’s just funny. Tyler Perry writes true to life, and I can relate to his storylines. He tells the story of this honest to God working man and his family members who are not all walking in the right path but they are still happy.

First car/Dream car?

I had a 1988 Thunderbird. The AC didn’t cool off so well, and it was in need of a paint job.

My dream car is without a doubt the 1987 Buick Regal Grand National GNX. It has a turbo engine from the factory and it doesn’t need to be souped up. You can even do wheelies in it. Celebrities like Jay Leno and Denzel Washington own one. I would rather have this car over a Ferrari or Lamborghini. It’s one of the last muscle cars. They truly broke the mold when they built it. It was made between 1982 and 1987 but only 5000 were made. They are all black.

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