Whether it’s a small purge, a storeroom full of records, a warehouse cleanout or routine scheduled service, Balcones Shred can tailor a program to fit your needs.

We are members of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and adhere to the industry’s best practices. Utilizing state-of-the-art shredding equipment for both our on and off-site destruction services, we insure secure shredding, while providing important documentation, reporting and prompt service.

Off-Site Process

Our uniformed and screened technicians will transfer your sensitive material into secure vehicles where it is transported to our shredding facilities. These facilities utilize rigid security methods including; internal and external monitoring, secure containment and access control, as well as closed-circuit TV surveillance. Once materials are destroyed, the shredded paper is machine baled and sent to pulping mills for recycling where contents are de-inked and turned into new products.

On-Site Process

Whether your organization needs a one time “purge” of obsolete files or on-going scheduled service, Balcones Shred can come to your location for mobile document destruction. Once again, our uniformed personnel will transfer your confidential material to one of our mobile shredding Our secure shredding service in Austin and Dallas are customized for your business and budget. Convenient off-site shredding brings affordable document destruction directly to your business.trucks where it will be destroyed at your site. The entire process may be witnessed by observing the video monitor located near the in-feed hopper on the truck, leaving you confident that the material has been destroyed.

Collection Process

Balcones Shred can strategically place and service one or multiple containers in convenient locations at your office. These secure containers can be serviced on a set schedule or on-call. Our technicians are professional and mindful of your daily operations. We are accustomed to being escorted or working independently, per your security requirements. 

To accommodate your facility and destruction needs, Balcones Shred offers secure and custom bins.
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One Time Purges

Whether it’s shredding a minimal amount of documents for “spring-cleaning” or needing to destroy a warehouse full of sensitive material, Balcones Shred offers a one-time or periodic “purge” service. If needed, we can even supply the labor to empty your filing cabinets, drawers, etc. Some special projects that typically warrant this service may include:

  • Start up of a new records management program or retention schedule
  • Finalization of a proprietary audit or litigation matter
  • Company relocations and consolidations
  • Cleaning of file rooms to create more space
  • Destruction of records to uphold compliance

Contact us today to receive your FREE estimate on purging your materials. Regardless of the shredding method you choose, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued for records to verify the shredding process has been completed. 

Call for your FREE Balcones Shred assessment today! 972-247-3500 for North and Northwest Texas and 512-744-4999 for Central and South Texas.

Drop Off Service (By Appointment Only)

Sometimes the most economical way to destroy your documents is for you to drop it off at our facility. Please call our facility to confirm an appointment with one of our shred representatives.

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