Balcones Shred employs highly screened personnel, follows tight protocol and utilizes state-of-the art equipment.

It comes down to who shreds, where we shred and how we shred. All of our employees must clear an extensive background check, adhere to stringent chain-of-custody protocols, and wear proper identification at all times. Our mobile shredding trucks are state of the art, complete with cameras that will allow you to watch while onsite. Furthermore, for off-site shredding, our highly secure facility is monitored and recorded at every phase of destruction. Our protocol process is concluded with the delivery of a Certification of Destruction.

Another aspect of what sets Balcones Shred apart is the equipment we use. We have proprietary tools that make our processes more thorough and efficient. While some competitors only take the strip and cross shred approach, easily put back together with scotch tape, we utilize a rotary grind that reduces documents to mere confetti – making them unreadable. Additionally, we engage the pierce and tear shred method, which also yields a similar result.

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