There are hundreds of document destruction providers across Texas, but Balcones Shred is your homegrown, personalized shredding provider. Through our multiple Texas locations, we provide service to many of the leading claims processing, insurance, financial services, legal, printing and publishing, and data processing companies in Texas. Please contact us for a list of references or review loyal customer testimonials within our Balcones Shred news section. We operate both on-site and off-site shredding operations and adhere to industry best practices for chain of custody and control over confidential information.

Because our management and customer service are based in our service areas, you receive unparalleled responsiveness and localized solutions. Balcones Shred is a wholly owned subsidiary of Balcones Resources, Inc., which has been a leader in document destruction, recycling and waste stream solutions for more than 30 years. Balcones Shred benefits from the financial strength, information and accounting systems, and operational support of being owned by the largest independent environmental company of its type in the central United States.

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